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Chicken Coop Reveal

Chicken Coop Reveal

Spring is finally here and so is the chicken coop! About a month ago we started on this new chicken coop and we finally finished it a few weeks ago. You can see the making of the new coop here

We absolutely love how the new home for the chickens turned out. Complete with a handful of nesting boxes and a large run to home some happy chickens... I surely wouldn't mind living there!

To finish the front of the coop, we added on some motion-sensor lights from Lowes. They aren't hooked up yet but in the future we can easily run electric to the coop. I loved the dimension these lights added and they make the coop feel like a little cottage.

We have one large run of nesting boxes on the right side and a set of smaller ones in the back. We're able to easily access the eggs (once they get big enough to lay) from the outside by unlatching the door.

The six brahma chickens and Petunia (and her babes) love the new coop. After reading around on the internet, I found out that the chickens don't eat Boxwood or Juniper bushes. So I snagged some from Lowes to add some greenery in the chicken run. 

I love the old screen door we up-cycled for the run entry door. We covered the back of the screen door with more chicken wire to ensure the safety of the chicks. We plan to eventually add some type of climbing roses or clematis to the run entry door too.

My FIL found some chicken wire on Amazon and it's perfect to keep out predators and other animals. We added the chicken wire beneath the pea gravel as well to ensure nothing could dig in too.

We all love the new coop and I think we're all relieved that the coop project is done too. It was a little larger project than we all anticipated but it was well worth it! All the chickens are very happy with their new home.

Hugs, Alyssa


The Clawfoot Tub

The Clawfoot Tub

Inside Dormers Completed- Before/After

Inside Dormers Completed- Before/After