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DIY:: Sunburst Straw Mirror

Written by Alyssa Eliot


Posted on April 14 2015

There's not much in our new home so far because of everything under construction but yesterday I took down one of my mirrors that I knew exactly where it was going to go! My sunburst mirror is one of my favorite pieces. What I love more than fabulous pieces is fabulous cheap pieces to add an extra BAM to the room. The sunburst mirror cost me around $8 total, OH YES! So here's how:

  • A thrifted mirror
  • Rust-Oleum spray paint in gold, you can use any color of your choice!
  • Straws
  • Hot glue gun

Ready for the difficult directions?! Okay first, take a straw. Hot glue it to the back, then keep on, keepin' on. So easy right!! Totally cheaper and easier than using dowel rods I thought! I went the whole way around the mirror then I took the scissors and cut a straight line in the back of the mirror that way it looked cleaner. I also used the 'bendy' part of the straw for a touch of imperfection and added some dimension as well. Cut some of the straws afterwards where you think it's too cluttered and wa-lah! You have your own sunburst mirror for under $10!

Hope this inspired you guys to use what ya have!






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