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IKEA Floor Decking For Bathroom Shower

Written by Alyssa Eliot


Posted on July 10 2017

A couple weeks ago while shopping at IKEA, I had come across these snap together patio flooring pieces. They are called RUNNEN Floor Decking in the brown stain. A light bulb struck and I instantly thought of our bathroom shower floor. Our shower is the smallest shower known to man (2.5x2.5') and when renovating our home a couple years ago, we decided to quickly repaint the shower with Tub Paint. Since then, where we stand in the shower, the flooring has started to chip paint. Not cool or pretty! 

So when I saw this handy-dandy square foot wood deck flooring, I was instantly inspired.





The patio flooring was on sale for $25 for a box of 9 square feet I believe! It looked easy enough to install and had a spa like feeling to it. When I got home, I instantly tore open the box and started to piece them together. It took me about 15-20 minutes to get them all together. Super easy to install and looked just as I wanted!

We've now had them down for about a couple weeks and I still love the look and feel over the chipping paint floor. I posted some pros and cons for the flooring below! Keep in mind, this flooring is for patios but we decided to put them in the shower.


  • Beautiful spa feeling
  • Easy to install
  • Great feeling on your tootsies
  • Allows the water to flow through
  • Instant new look
  • Water dries quickly on the wood



  • Hair gets trapped in between tiles
  • Will have to clean once a month underneath the tiles

So for me, though hair gets trapped and I will have to pull the tiles up every once in awhile to clean beneath, the pros outweigh my cons. I would recommend snatching a box if you are in the same shower dilemma as we were! Feels so much more luxurious and isn't hideous to look at anymore! 

I also wanted to mention with the higher amounts of iron in our water, the shower over time gets streaks of yellow from the minerals in the water. Yuck! So for those who watched my IG Stories a couple weeks back, I was cleaning the shower with this ZEP Shower Cleaner. Spray it on the shower walls, wait a few minutes and rub down! Cleans all the mineral gross off and leaves things feeling so much better! Highly recommended product as well! 

Hope this helps you guys! Thanks for reading.

Hugs, Alyssa



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