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Tagged: Diary

  • A Christmas Surprise

    A Christmas Surprise

    While visiting Madison, IN back in November, I stopped at this huge antique store in Cincinnati on my way home. Browsing around, I stumbled across this beautiful winter scene art...

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  • Meet The New Flock

    Good morning loves! I wanted to cordially introduce you guys to the new faces around here at home. For the past several weeks I’ve wanted to add some ducks to...

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    Meet The New Flock
  • France- Day 2 (A walk through Versailles)

    France- Day 2 (A walk through...

    Are you ready for another day in France? Day two lead us to visiting the amazing and incredible Palace of Versailles. This was a MUST on my trip to France...

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  • France- Day 1

    Last week still feels like a dream. Walking the streets of Paris and being inspired by the endless amounts of beauty- I already miss it dearly. This was our first...

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    France- Day 1
  • Bonjour From France

    Bonjour From France

    Bonjour from France! Woah, that still doesn't feel real even when I type it. We've been to Germany and France these past couple weeks and I couldn't be more thankful...

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