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French Soaps- Savon de Marseille



Olive Oil Soap: French women used big blocks of Marseille Soap to wash their linens in communal washing areas. Now, this legendary soap is adored as incredibly pure, gentle and moisturizing skin care for the face and body. It’s delicate and hypoallergenic for even the most sensitive skin types. Marseille Soap is naturally luxurious and adds a classic accent to your home.

Palm Oil Soap: Savon de Marseille with palm oil is the most PH neutral for extremely sensitive skin types. It’s also the most popular choice in France for kitchen and laundry uses. This is true Savon de Marseille, hand-made by dedicated artisans with a deep respect for the techniques passed down through the generations.

Verbena,Jasmine, Honey Soap: The flower pieces gently exfoliate, while these dream-like floral fragrances of the French countryside enhance your room with pure delight. Each big, long-lasting block is more than 10 ounces. Each is an artwork by our master soapmaker and his generations of experience and dedication.

Lily Of The Valley DOUX Soap: These are like no other soaps you’ve ever tried. The most luxurious soaps possible, each big, 250-gram bath bar is hand-crafted, milled four times, in a small workshop in Marseille following old traditions and using only the finest ingredients. French milled and hand-crafted, one at a time, from rich shea butter, pure olive and palm oils and natural fragrances from the Provençal countryside, DOUX® soaps from the South of France are like no other soaps in the world.

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