2 Year Anniversary Thoughts + 3 Ways to Grow

On October 1st, we celebrated our 2 year anniversary. There’s a couple thoughts that run through my mind when I think about this milestone. For one, I am so grateful to have the ability to create and grow as an artist everyday. Secondly, to celebrate yet another year of business, I am humbled because I recognize another year of growth and success. Running a couple businesses at once sure has it’s struggles at times but there’s so much to be thankful for.
I think more than ever as artists in today’s world, we have so many educational resources at our fingertips. More than ever, we’re prompted to do what we love everyday. I think the difference between a successful business and an “okay” business is defined by the character and morals of the people running the business. As I reflect back on the two years of growth, there were some vital actions I took to grow.

Be Self Aware

Every day I try to learn something new- whether big or small. I think to be successful, one has to be self-reflective and aware. In order to grow, take time to really reflect with yourself or a close friend of areas your doing well and maybe some areas where you need improvement. For me, I would rather be told or be aware of the areas I need to grow more so that I can improve. The first step to growing is just being honest with yourself and being self-reflective.

IF you’re anything like myself, you probably don’t like conflict or tough conversations. For me, during those times of growth, I like to take a mental step back and really reflect on how that situation is making me feel and WHY? Often times I ask myself, “What is the lesson behind this situation?”. When we’re able to step back and be self-aware, personal AND business growth is most often able to grow in a healthier way.

Have Courage

As I mentioned in my 1 year anniversary blog, I think it’s very vital to have courage. In order to grow, we first have to be very reflective but we also need to have courage. When I think back to small milestones in my business, most were pushed and carried by having courage. Courage is simply being firm and strong in your beliefs and actions. If we’re able to instill courage in our everyday decisions, not only does your business benefit but we grow personally.

Dream SUPER Big

I always tell others that I have no problem of dreaming outside of my means. How can one ever accomplish something BIG if one doesn’t dream it to begin with? Even after two years of business, I continue to dream bigger. If you’re not dreaming, are you growing?

So here’s your BIG hug and high-5 for hustlin’. If you’re a small business owner, know you can do it… know you’re worth it… and most importantly, celebrate your small milestones.
While at the Country Living Fair this fall, we shot this simple booth promo and as I watch each time, my heart is filled. I see all my successes and I see all the hard choices along the way that brought me to celebrating two years of business.

Video By: Ethan Bennett of Arthouse Video

I am so thankful for all your love and support. Really. I recognize that I wouldn’t be where I am today without y’all. SO as my huge thank you to YOU, use promo code: “2YEAR” at checkout to save 20% off all orders thru October 14 at 11:59pm EST!

Hugs, Alyssa

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