2022 Shoppe Vision: Refined & Aged

As I look ahead to a fresh new year full of opportunities, the one word that is in the front of my mind is: REFINE. My desire is to fine-tune the little things: the shoppe look, work systems and most importantly: my mind. My goal in 2022 is to purify how I think and to be very intentional about how my time is spent- as my time is even more limited with Jules. 

I'm taking this mindset and being very intentional with how I style the shoppe and what I fill the shelves with. When I first opened the shoppe, I had somewhat of an idea of what I wanted the shoppe to look like but through the years, I've honed in even tighter on those visions. This year is all about refining the feel and really dialing in on the aged European esthetic I desire for the shoppe.

Anytime I need to pull together a look, I rely on gathering images that really speak to me. Creating a vision board with all the images helps me focus when starting to work on displays and marketing. When I'm creating these vision boards, I look at everything in the image initially as a whole, then I break the image down in my head. What drew me to this image? What do I like about this image? What makes this vignette so great? These are the questions that will run through my head when scrolling through.
Below are some ideas I've pulled together and if you want more of this look with sources, pop over to our Pinterest and browse through our boards! 
 Can you see the vision for this year? Now that my vision board is created,  I can see all the similarities they have as a whole. Old worn textures, white ceramics, copper, textured woods, fresh linens... all speaking the same European aesthetic.
Cue a happy sigh...

Cottonwood Shanty, European-Inspired Home Decor

Did you catch some of the new displays in our Instagram stories last week? Let's get to work!



  • Sherri Rocha

    Can’t wait to see what you bring back! I’m looking for ideas for my new home !!

  • Shannon

    All the oohs and ahhhs with this new 2022 vision for the shoppe. May the Lord continue to bless your family and business. 🤍

  • Lizzie

    So beautiful and inspiring!!!

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