3 Year Shoppe-iversary Roundup

This past weekend we celebrated having our doors open for 3 years! As I reflect back to all the days and months that led us to these 3 years... I'm awe-struck.

Knowing our anniversary was approaching, I began to flip through our shoppe archive. I remember those flustering moments leading up to our grand opening back in 2019 and I remember how over joyed I was when that night came to a close. I can still vividly remember printing barcodes the day of our opening night and how excited I was.

From the very beginning, I've only wanted to create beauty. When we visited Germany and France in 2019, my excitement and dreams were amplified. I wanted to incorporate all the incredible pieces my eyes saw over there into our shoppe. To this day, my goal is to inspire others.

 This past weekend, we offered an incredible sale and iced cookies to those who walked in. I absolutely loved chatting with those people who came and shared our excitement. I decked our shoppe out with fresh greens for an added layer of spring interest. Let's take a walk through the shoppe...

For each of you that makes it through our doors, I'm grateful. Hearing the beautiful compliments and seeing faces light up as one walks around... that's the best feeling; knowing someone is inspired by the hard work and passion here.
Hugs, Alyssa 

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