A Christmas Surprise

While visiting Madison, IN back in November, I stopped at this huge antique store in Cincinnati on my way home. Browsing around, I stumbled across this beautiful winter scene art piece and fell in love. The frame had intricate gold detailing and the winter scene with blue hues captured my interest. Something about this piece captivated me. I decided to pass on the art piece because of its price tag. The whole way home back to Amish Country, the painting haunted me and by the second day of still recalling the art, I knew I had made a mistake by leaving it behind in the shop.

That following weekend my parents were travelling down south, right past the antique shop. I had called mom to tell her that if they stop at this antique store, they need to buy the gold-framed winter scene for me and I would pay them back. During their time at the store, I had called to ask if they had any luck finding the painting but mom had told me that they couldn't find it. Though I was bummed that the piece had sold to someone else, I knew someone out there would be loving on it.

Christmas afternoon we had gone to mom and dads to open gifts. To my surprise- as soon as I was handed the bulky gift- I knew exactly what was wrapped inside. The best Christmas surprise. Mom had told a little white lie and they got my favorite winter scene. 

I'm utterly in love with how my gallery wall looks with the new addition. I have a beautiful spring piece that I can then swap out when winter comes to end. There's just something about beautiful art in a gold gilded frame. Hope you guys too, had a great Christmas surprise.

Hugs, Alyssa 


  • ANgie

    Hey! Did you frame the prints yourself? I find frames a lot but trouble finding the paintings/prints! Maybe a tutorial or DIY for how to do these!!! 😍

  • Jane


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