A French Blue Christmas

While shopping at the Rural Society Christmas show a few weeks ago, I snagged one of Old Slate Farm's creations. A stunning blue juniper wreath with a French blue silk ribbon inspired the look for our living room for Christmas.
I knew instantly where this wreath would make a home; right in the middle of my antique frame gallery wall. The French blue is a perfect match with my open gold frame. This entire gallery wall makes my heart melt into a puddle.

For our coffee table, I opted for a simple and elegant candle setting. I used an old antique photo frame and laid it on its back to make a tray for my candles. I love the small detailing of the frame and it coordinates with the wall gallery pieces.

On the opposite side of the room, sits another favorite piece of mine- a small side table with the most beautiful detailing. I bought homemade stockings up-cycled from old feed sacks from Ripley Home & Garden this winter. I love the detailing on the stockings and they compliment the colors in the room.

We recently replaced our TV with our record player and we love listening to the player in the evenings when making dinner. I added a little touch of holiday cheer on the cow skull too... Taylor questions me but I love the gold horn- on the skull horn, haha! I bit of whimsy and cheer!

Had to sneak a photo of Poodle (aka, Piper) and I in here somewhere. She's always a sweetheart and Taylor continues to give her nicknames. I love cuddling with her on the couch with the Christmas lights lit at night.

So, what did you think of the French blue Christmas living room tour? I love that it's unexpected and different than the typical red/green colors.
Hugs, Alyssa


  • Jane podgornik

    So pretty!!

  • Ti

    I love juniper and those soft waxy blue berries are gorgeous. Love the soft muted, antiquey look! Its nice to have a change. I have different set ups thru the house. I just can’t help it! Love different colors and themes.

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