A Year Update Of Our Pergo Flooring

One of my favorite aspects of our home is our laminate flooring we laid over a year ago. In my opinion, flooring is a rather important part of the design of a home and there are so many options available. When we were picking out the brand and colors for our flooring, I knew Pergo was the route to go for their beauty and price points. This blog post is NOT sponsored or affiliated with Pergo Flooring.

As I mentioned in a blog post about laying our flooring, we've laid a lot of floating laminate flooring and we by far have loved the Pergo flooring the most. The 7" wide planks, realistic wood grains, color hues and INCREDIBLE durability are why I love and have loved this flooring.


As mentioned in our previous blog, we did go with four different colors of the Pergo flooring- which to some, may be uncommon. I decided to go this route because I wanted different looks between some of the rooms. In majority of our home- we have the "Wheaton Oak", in the nursery- we have a light and airy "Crema Oak" and in our bedroom- we have the "Rustic Smoked Chestnut". I used the "Wheaton Oak" thresholds to transition from floor to floor which worked out beautifully. 

NOT SO PRO TIP: When installing the thresholds, we used liquid nails to glue in the pieces. From past experiences, we found that the metal strip that holds the pressed particle threshold wears over time. Usually when this occurs, the threshold comes undone- broken. Using the liquid nails (which may be common knowledge- or heck, may even be on the installation instructions, haha) ensures a perfect, glued threshold to hold over time.


We're finally a year into living in our home and I wanted to update you guys on how the floors are doing... they're still amazing and incredible! Seriously. We've only had one petite chip out of one of the boards and that was because I dropped a heavy drill (with a sharp bit) onto them- whoops. Otherwise, they're amazing.

We have the same flooring at the shoppe and we scoot heavy furniture, cast iron planters and have a lot of foot traffic on those floors. They look as good as the day we installed them.

Some of the planks have pulled apart at the farmhouse because I may not have locked them together tight enough when we laid them- all user installation error. We're in Ohio so the four different seasons make our floating flooring contract and expand- causing the separation. The separation is far and few in between here at the farmhouse, however (but worth mentioning).


If you're concerned about seeing dust/dirt on the flooring- which is evident in every home... I would recommend the lighter colors like "Wheaton Oak" or "Crema Oak". Our darkest flooring,"Rustic Smoked Chestnut" in the bedroom shows the contrast of dust the most. In the shoppe (and our nursery) where we have the lightest flooring of "Crema Oak"- dust and marks actually hide more! 

For mopping the floors, I use my Norwex mop that just uses water to clean with the microfiber mop heads. I'm not one for using un-needed chemicals in our home so this mop ensures that dirt and bacteria is cleaned up while not harming our flooring, too. If paint or marks were to appear on the flooring, I use a razor blade to scrape up larger chunks and a magic eraser to scrub any other blemishes from our use.


If I haven't made it clear enough, we absolutely love this flooring. The planks are waterproof, super durable and incredibly beautiful. Cleaning has been super easy and while the rich, dark planks in our bedroom are beautiful- they do show dust. The Wheaton Oak that we have in about 70% of our home is the perfect warm, rustic color that hides a lot. 

I hope this helps your flooring purchasing! If you have any additional questions, drop them below and I can address them here!

Hugs, Alyssa



"Crema Oak"

"Rustic Smoked Chestnut"

"Wheaton Oak"

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