Babe Must-Haves: Recommendations From Mommas

As I'm compiling our baby registry, this first time momma is going in blind and lost! There's so much to learn as a first time mom that I have become easily overwhelmed by the amount of products on the market. I have found it hard to know what is needed and what's a nice luxury, ya know? I know that all babes come with their own personalities and products desired. I guarantee when this little boy comes, I too, will have some favorites that have helped us along the way.

I put up a question box onto my Instagram stories to ask what you guys have found tried and true through your motherhood journey. Of course, burp clothes, swaddles, sound machines, onesies (with zippers), diapers, sleep sacks, etc. were amongst the popular choices but here are some of the precise products you are all loving:

Infant Loungers:


Breast/Formula Feeding:

BoppyHaakaa Breast PumpBaby Brezza (formula feeding mommas), Washable Breast Pads

Babe Bouncer/Bassinet:



Babe Health:


Nursery Accessories:


I certainly hope this small list of other recommended products helps you gather what you need for your babe! I know it was helpful to me to hear from other mommas that have been through this before. 

Hugs, Alyssa


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