Baby Bunnies In The Zinnias

If you know me really well, the one thing that I've always dreamt about was a "bunny garden". Don't ask me where it came from but I always envisioned a gorgeous flower garden and bunnies running around everywhere. Earlier this summer, we released bunnies that we raised up until they were old enough throughout the yard. The bunnies were/are tame, beautifully lump and the cutest things ever. My so called bunny garden is coming alive!
Seems like a dream until the bunnies start eating all our hard work! About a month ago, I noticed that there was a bunny hole in the middle of the zinnia patch! Oh no! We tacked down the fencing a little more and covered the hole back over. A few weeks later, the hole was back and out popped cute bunny babies! 
Okay, not going to lie. I couldn't even be mad because I love baby bunnies and I love my flowers so we've decided to let them roam amongst the zinnias and they couldn't be in a safer location in the fenced in area. 

There was only one brave soul that let me take his picture. There are about 5-6 cuties including this little guy that is jet black with the tiniest cute white nose. A little back story- my first ever pet rabbit was named Stella and she stayed in our home when I still lived back home with my parents (pre-marriage). She was so tame, jet black and the sweetest. Fast forward to a few years later, her breed still lives on and it's sweet to see the black bunnies carry Stella's gene though she is no longer with us.
It's the perfect match though. Cute baby bunnies and beautiful bountiful zinnias. 

The babies are spoiled and are fed fresh kale from the vegetable garden. Their colors range from jet black, a creamy-tan, wild brown and a couple full whites! I do enjoy watching them hop throughout the base of the zinnias. 

I also snagged this photo of the three momma chickens all trying to lay on the same nest the other night. No one said they were the smartest but they sure are good mommas! 
I hope you guys enjoyed seeing the cute little additions to the zinnias patch! I know we sure enjoy them! 
Hugs, Alyssa

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