Back Bedroom Design Plan

As we head into the middle of winter in a few short weeks, I've been gathering winter project ideas. One of the rooms that I would like to finish off is our back bedroom. I use this room as a wardrobe/office space. Since our house lacks all closets, this room is where the majority of the things flow into.

A few years back, we made makeshift shelves for my clothing since our budget was small. With extra time on our hands this winter, I'm trying to finish up projects around the house to make our home feel more complete and thought through.


As you leave our kitchen and head down the hall, the bathroom greets you on the left. Straight back is our back bedroom. One goal is to get a closet wardrobe to hide clothing and misc. goods to make the room feel more put together.

The Inspiration:

Simple, yet authentic with textures and contrast. 


 The Design Plan:

 I knew I wanted a punch of whimsical nature somehow in this room so I opted for the idea of a fun wallpaper for the back wall. After an hour of scouring Anthropologie for some designs, I thought I had decided on a winner. However, with the idea inspired by our love for squirrels, I snagged the absolute cutest wallpaper with squirrels off of eBay (saving hundreds).

I'll be contrasting the other walls with a moody slate charcoal/blue paint of Benjamin Moore's Englewood Cliffs. Though the room is small, with the white cabinetry taking up the one wall and the lightly colored wallpaper on the other- I hope the contrast doesn't make too much of a dark punch... we shall see!

We have contractors coming in a few weeks to install all new windows and doors. This will be a huge improvement to our home as the windows we currently have are drafty and old. Once the windows are installed- it's game on with wallpaper and painting! 

Since the new house project is on hold for the time being- this is the perfect time to finish up the small projects in our current home. Don't you think the squirrel wallpaper is perfect?! I love it.
Hugs, Alyssa 


  • Anita lLeitch

    I love BM white dove ! Updated my loft bedroom and used White dove. Your back room looks amazing

  • Lindsey

    Wow wow wow! So beautiful! I just installed a similar wallpaper in my bathroom with owls and woodpeckers. If that’s contact paper, make sure you do lots of scraping and sanding of your walls. We are in a rental and need to put the room back to how it was when we moved in, so we couldn’t sand the little bumps… and MAN can you see every imperfection! Oh, what do you use to create your story boards? I would love to use that program!❤️🦉

  • Babs

    Love the wallpaper! I did paint my very small bathroom with englewood cliffs with white crown molding and baseboard it was great also painted inside front door and an accent wall in living room live that color

  • Jane podgornik

    Absolutely perfect!

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