Design Studio Cabinets- First Half

It's been roughly a month since we've been in the new shoppe and design studio. There's been so much learning and growing through the weeks that I'm finally able to start coming up for air. While it's a lot of work, it's been so rewarding seeing everything come together.

One of the perks and much-needed addition to moving into this space was the back design studio. As I've talked about before, we use the front half of the building for our retail space but the back half we use as our design studio. In this space we're able to design and package all the scrolls. We removed the huge oven, that I talked about here, to free up more floor space so that we had more square footage to work with.

There's a wall that separates our meeting room from our packaging area and this is great because this creates clear boundaries of working zones. My sweet man built us a large 12' island that we use for packaging and prepping all the orders. Surrounding this island is a row of useful cabinets that are amazing!


These cabinets that we bought from IKEA have been so great and useful. This was the first time purchasing cabinetry from IKEA and the thing I love about them the most was the ease of creating the design/layout of the cabinets. 

We chose to go the route of these cabinets because of the low cost and ease of designing. We started out by designing the layout of the room in IKEA's easy to use program. Once you have your layout set, you drag and drop what cabinets you would like (there are so many different styles too). You can easily move and redesign your layout as you wish.

An extra bonus of going this route was knowing exactly what you have in your cabinets- design and purchase price. We were able to add/take things away and see the cost fluctuate as we changed the design... super great for those on a tight budget.

We ended up not purchasing the handles from IKEA, as I knew the design I wanted (which they didn't carry). I purchased these super affordable handles off of Amazon and was so surprised by the quality for our tight budget. 
These sleek and modern handles arrived within days and were very easy to install. They aren't a solid design and they do leave oily marks but for a SUPER affordable price, I can overlook those flaws (and it's not super noticeable).
Another thing I love about our IKEA cabinets is the soft-close hinge feature. I didn't realise they would come with those hinges and it's sooo nice because we don't have to worry about cabinet doors slamming shut. For half the cost of custom cabinets, we're so thrilled with how they've turned out.

If you're not afraid to use a little muscle and work a drill, I highly recommend going the route of the IKEA cabinets- especially if you're on a tight budget, like we were. The cabinets look so professional and I love all the storage we now have to hide all our shipping materials. 
Though we're not completed with our countertops just yet, this back shipping area is coming right along. I'm so thrilled to have all this space to design and package from.
Hugs, Alyssa

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