Clawfoot Tub Refinish/Reveal- Part 2

Well, we're to part 2 of the clawfoot tub refinish. I have to say this part was probably my favorite because it was the biggest change for the tub to undertake. As you saw in part 1, we had stripped the outer paint of the tub down to the original cast. This wasn't an easy task but so worth it and we got the look we were after. We were left with a gorgeous black and rustic patina. 

To undertake the interior makeover of the tub, we used Rust-Oleum Tub & Tile Refinishing. We had used this product on a couple past projects and we knew what it was capable of. The interior as you see below was in pretty bad shape with scratches and rust spots. The product itself is really great and for under $30, you can't beat the end result!

With some sandpaper, I rubbed down the entire interior of the tub then washed it all out so we had a clean surface to begin on. The product is as easy as mixing two components and then painting the inside of the tub a clean bright white. After about 4 coats of the paint and a few hours later, I couldn't believe the result!

I decided to the leave the feet chippy white as I didn't want the exterior to feel brand new. I love that the feet coordinate with the tub sides and reflect the same patina. I absolutely love the end result and it was everything I could have hoped for! 

The refinishing kit made it so easy and the interior results are amazing. I love that the tub looks brand new on the inside but has a gorgeous worn patina on the exterior. You can't ever tell that the tub had scratches and rust spots. 

Freshly picked hydrangeas from the flower garden made our construction zone feel like a paradise. I may have sat in the tub and just stared at the blooms for a minute or two. I think I earned that moment and many other moments to come!

As I've mentioned before, we have two gorgeous leaded glass windows that will mirror each side of the shower. These will be cabinet doors to hold extra linens and bathroom supplies. I love this extra piece of character. 

Can we talk about the chandelier too? I had picked this beauty up at the VMD earlier this spring from Vintage + Moss. Christopher had completely rewired and gave this chandelier a new life. I am so thrilled to have this piece hanging above the claw foot tub and it adds that special touch to our space.

SO, was the tub as good as you thought it'd be?! What's your favorite part? The great thing is, is that later down the road if we ever get tired of the exterior black patina, we can just paint right over top! I can see myself sipping many glasses of wine from that tub... and potentially SOMEDAY sweet babes bums sitting there too. Definitely not a baby hint either! Ha!

I just ordered the tub and shower hardware today, yippee! When the plumbers come in a few short weeks, I'll be sure to share the sources and goodies with you all. Until then, you can find me sitting in the finished tub like a giddy school girl! 

Hugs, Alyssa


  • Judy

    I have been searching for this and am happy to have found it. Could you please tell me how the tub is holding up after you teglazed it. I need to do this and would love your input please.🌸

  • Marguerite

    Thanks for the info!
    Any plug or tap info when you have it. Thanks for all your help.
    Love the new house and the start of the gardens.
    Your momma helped me to decide to stop dying the hair. She looks fabulous.
    Have a great week.

  • Amy

    Just curious how the interior of the other tubs you have done are holding up? I have a hand held shower head on my claw foot and the hose to it is metal. I’m afraid this would scratch that finish off. Any thoughts?? Thank you.


    I really want a claw foot tub. Thank you for the how tos on fixing an old one. When I find one. I will do this! It is gorgeous 😍.

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