Country Living Fair Recap- Columbus, Ohio

 I was tickled pink to be able to attend my first Country Living Fair as a vendor a couple weeks ago. This was the first time they held a spring/early summer show as they always host one in September. Weeks leading up to the show, I was full of anticipation for what to expect for a show this large. 

We were so blessed for the location we were set up in. Nestled under a large weeping willow tree, we were shaded from the blazing, hot sun that poured down all weekend. Not to mention the gorgeous, whimsical look it added to our booth display. For the show, we brought along the bountiful peony blooms and the romantic scripted scrolls on the front display table.

Inside the tent, we hung the new Home Definition scroll on the brick wall and brought some different scrolls like the Humble scroll in both sizes! At the last minute, I threw in the Jerseys canvases and I was so happy to bring these happy cows along to the big city!

Popping against the black wall, hung the white display scroll. We had a large variety and quantities along with us at the show! I had visions of brown paper flowers dancing across the top of the display to bring some more textures to the wall.

Any Restored By The Fords fans up in here?! The highlight of my already great weekend was meeting Leanne and Steve Ford! The most chill and down to earth people ever! I wish I could tell you what we quickly chatted about but I was shaking so bad, I don't remember! Total fangirl over here!!

I also was the CLF's main photographer for the event, which I loved! The whole weekend I went around at different times to snap photos for Stella Shows. This was great because I was able to see all the beautiful vendor booths and have an excuse to hear some of the different talents chat in the main tents!

This weekend was so great for multiple reasons. Despite the torture heat, it was a growing experience and I'm excited to return next time! Next year, I would love to travel to some of the other CLF events in either Nashville, TN or Georgia. Where should we go next year? Any other good shows we should hit up?! Tell me below! 

Hugs, Alyssa

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