Creating A Spring-Inspired Orchid Arrangement

In the midst of the long winter months, I crave all things green and blooming. In our spring arrivals, we got the most beautiful real-touch orchids that left me feeling inspired. They have beautiful white petals, a moss ball base and faux roots dangling from the stems for an incredibly real-looking appearance.

Honestly, they look beautiful sitting alone or in an arrangement!

I took one of our display urns from the shoppe and wanted to pot up something beautiful for Valentine's/spring. Since the orchids have a pretty moss ball, I needed to layer up a platform of cardboard for the orchids to sit on. If I was using a potted fern or something I didn't want to see, I would have nestled them down into the urn- not worrying about the cardboard layers.

Once I had my platform ready, I took 1 large orchid and 2 small orchids to make the arrangement full and abundant. I sat them in the urn and began to stuff our forrest moss around the root balls to hide all the cardboard. The arrangement took minutes and looks so fresh! I love the idea that whatever urn/compote you use, it'll match the style you're trying to achieve- so this project is very versatile!

I hope this arrangement inspires you to make something beautiful in these months of cold and snow! 

Hugs, Alyssa

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