CWS Shoppe- Week 1 Reno Update

The first of January kicked off some serious renovations at the new (old) shoppe. Loads of projects and improvements have been going on and we’re already seeing improvements. If you missed the film of week 1, you can see all our updates below.
First and further more, we have new signage up on the front windows! Yay! Nothing makes things more real than new signage on the windows.
“Curated home decor’ & artisan gift boutique” script stretches across the bottom windows while the CWS Shoppe logo masters the top. This really highlights my aspiration for the new shoppe. I really want to bring you guys a curated line of beautiful home decor’ and artisan gift items. When you walk through the front door, I want you to feel inspired that there’s something in store for you.
When you first open the door, you’ll be welcomed by beautifully detailed tin ceilings and an atmosphere of changes! The lighting is all being changed out, wall treatments are being removed and the front entrance is being improved.
Above the front door, there was a large AC unit from before we got central air last year. We removed this and opened up the entire head space. This revealed beautiful glass windows that scape to meet the 10-11’ tall ceilings. Now when you walk in the door, your eyes lift to the beautiful tin ceiling.
Perhaps our most renovated space yet… haha. We removed the toilet and sink and had to replace the subfloor that has been rotting away under layers of tile. The toilet is being moved over a few feet and we’ll be replacing the sink/vanity to make it more functional.
If you walk through the front retail space, you’ll walk into the back design studio. This is where I hope to have my office, meeting room, photography studio and shipping/packaging station.
We removed the drop down ceiling to be able to remove the large oven that is situated in the middle of the back design studio. A family owned bakery accompanied this building for over 60 years and while the oven served many well for years, it’s taking up valuable space that can be used. We will be removing this 12’x8’ rotisserie oven in the upcoming weeks- a large undertaking, obviously.
We also tore down some of the wood paneled walls so that drywall can go up leaving us with clean walls and ceilings to design an inspiring place. I’m excited to share more of the oven removal soon.
Thanks for popping in for an update. There’s been a lot happening here at the new shoppe and I’m excited to share more soon. Hopefully soon, I can share the grand opening date with you all so you can mark it on your calendar!
Hugs, Alyssa

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