CWS Shoppe- Week 2-3 Reno Update

 Thanks for stopping back guys! We're almost halfway through reno here at the shoppe and that excites me so much! If you missed the film highlight, you can pop over and watch all the updates here:


First things first, the front showroom got a ton of work. The beautiful tin ceiling was chipping and sagging paint so I had to go through and repaint the entire ceiling. This consisted of chipping off the paint that was sagging off the tin and then prepping the ceiling for a new coat of white. 




It was some neck-breaking work but after about 10-12 hours of determination and discipline, we were left with a beautiful white ceiling once again! It's crazy how much of an impact finishing the ceiling has been. The space feels so much more complete with a clean, beautiful ceiling again.


I also started building out the bookshelves for the front showroom. We needed a place to showcase product and so I picked up 4 of these Ikea Billy Bookcases and decided to make them grander by building onto them vertically. By building a 1' bottom base, the bookshelves are able to sit higher off the ground so the product is more visible when shopping. I will build a structure on top of the bookcases too, to give them room for lighting and more of a "built-in" finish.


The back half of the shoppe will host as my design studio. This is where I will be able to create, work and package out of. As you guys saw before, there was a large bakery oven (and I do mean large- 12'x8' to be exact) that took up a large section of the space. As you can see, we're about halfway done with the removal and it's been nothing short of dirty and exhausting. I will be so happy when this beast has been removed.

The view of the front meeting room. We are planning on framing in the walls and ceiling to clean up and insulate this back half.

The view looking from the front showroom back to the design studio.

The view from my office. We will be framing in a room that separates my office from the shipping/packaging room. 

There's been a lot of changes here at the shoppe and I'm just so thrilled to get in here and start designing/creating. It's a bunch of "ugly" reno right now but we're almost to the turning point of the pretty things! As always, stop back to see more of an update soon!
Hugs, Alyssa

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