Design Studio- Meeting Room Before/After

I'm dying to share this room with you guys because it's an amazing before and after with the removal of the large bakery oven. As you can see below, the large 12' x8' bakery oven took up a lot of space in the back design studio. Our objective was to remove the oven to clear up more workable space. 

We removed all the wood panelled walls that once covered the oven and prepped the area for the oven removal. 

About 3 weeks later and a ton of sweat equity, the huge oven was finally gone. We were finally able to start seeing the vision for this back design studio. Electric was ran and we insulated the back ceilings really well before drywalling.

Are you ready for the after?! I am! Sometimes I forget where this space came from and it makes me appreciate this back half so much more when I see the before photos. Drum roll please...

Two words- holy, beautiful! Ta-da!! We ended up laying just a little different style of flooring in the back half. We installed Pergo's Ocean View Laminate and I love the rough grey-wash look it offers. Next to grey tones of the mural and chairs, it definitely pulls greyer in the space. If you had warmer tones in your home, it could definitely pull more creamy browns!
I got this beautiful like-Turkish rug for this space from Rugs USA. I loved the creamy brown tones in it mixed with the worn, elegant design. It has fringed tassel ends and it's great because of how thin the rug is. This makes it feel more like a Turkish rug and not a cheap carpeted rug.

I spotted these gorgeous velvet rattan back chairs at, At Home. they feel very french country to me and are the perfect mix with our custom table. This space is great for meeting, designing and just being inspired.

This gorgeous white antique-looking chandelier I snagged from Wayfair also pulls a worn texture like it's been here for ages. I love how simple yet elegant it is. On the opposite side of the room, we ended up busting through some of the plaster to reveal the beautiful brick beneath. I'm so happy because this wall speaks for itself and is an art piece alone. To the right of the above image, you can see we revealed about ten wooden pegs that would have held something back in the day. I love uncovering authentic history like that! 

Let's talk about this gorgeous black and white mural we added to the far wall. This gorgeous wallpaper mural from Anewall is what sets the entire french feel for this meeting room. I decided on the Shaded Landscape Mural and it went up in six strips just like you would install any wallpaper. It was super simple and only took a few hours.
I love this mural because it looks like a watercolour painting of the rolling countryside found in Amish Country. It's subtle yet beautiful in every way.

I finished off the tablescape with some of our Fern Pots and added my vintage green jug collection. I decided to go simple on the table top to not take away from everything else. The pops of green really make the room feel fresh and lush.
So what's your thoughts?! Dreamy, right? The exposed chimney adds texture and history to the corner for the cherry on top! I'm so happy with how the meeting room turned out!
Hugs, Alyssa


  • Linda

    Oh my word, this is gorgeous! I would like to have a dining room that looked like this.

  • Janet Cates

    Absolutely gorgeous!!! Love everything about this space!!! Especially the chairs! Who are they by and where can I find them?

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