Design Studio Office

The day has finally come and I'm so excited to share with you guys our office space. When we dove into this shoppe reno at the beginning of the year, I really just wanted a place to design and be creative. I wanted a space that felt inspiring when I walked in to work.
I designed this space to have two gorgeous simple sconces sandwiching my favorite scrolls of the season. I love that these sconces add another layer of light to the room.

You can't really tell from the photos but there's a huge skylight in the middle of the office that's original to the building. I love these skylights because they dump a ton of natural sunlight into our office. Years ago, I hung an old chippy-white glass door for plants to sit and soak up the sunlight.
For the large wall that reflects the packaging area in the back design studio, I designed a gallery wall using old mirrors and frames.

On the opposite side of the office is Jessica's work area. Jessica helps design and market our business. I love her simple desk and tufted office chair.

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