DIY Frosted Glass Windows

Whether you need privacy or need to reduce the light coming into a window, this easy DIY frosted glass window project is for you. When I fell in love with our bedroom and bathroom doors at the salvage store, I purchased them knowing I would have to come up with a solution for their glass windows (which offers no privacy). I decided to frost the glass for privacy and to allow light to still come through the door- double win.
I bought a couple of cans of this Rust-Oleum Frost Glass spray paint to do the job! They were super inexpensive and easy to apply.

I started by cleaning up the windows- making sure they were clean of dirt and dust. I then taped off the wood around the windows and sprayed the frosted paint on just like spray painting.

As you can see, the paint goes on clear. When the paint dries, it results in the frosted look. I layered up the paint with several layers for a nice finished look. The finished windows were perfect! After having Taylor stand behind the door at several distances we knew it was the perfect finish- giving a very blurred view for privacy. Below you can see the difference between the unfinished (left) and the finished (right) windows. 

With the frosted glass finished, I moved onto sanding down the rest of the door. I will be finishing these chippy doors with a matte, clear poly so that it protects the age of the door but doesn't allow the paint to continue chipping off. Once that is finished, these doors will get their antique crystal knobs installed and when the house is ready- they can be hung! Things are moving along over at the farmhouse- I'm excited to share more!

Hugs, Alyssa


  • Laura

    Excellent! Planning on doing this for my bathroom door too – that I also rescued from the Re-Store. It has three glass panels. I bought a can of this. I was wondering how many coats you used? And how many cans you used? THANKS! Love your blog. Found you on Insta. We have similar tastes.

  • jEannine

    Love the door!❤️

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