DIY Rope Stair Railing

The stairs in the cottage were never completed and were an open concept. I stumbled across a really cool rope railing idea and thought it was the perfect match for this space. After a trip to Lowes and some muscle, we have our completed railing that offers texture and character.
We purchased 3 large treated porch posts from Lowes, product here. They were about $10 each and are used for outside porches. We snagged 2 eyelet hooks and 40' of Lowes thickest rope which ran around $40 total. We picked up these 4" wood screws as well, product here. Using about $10 worth of our overall screws the total cost for this project ran about $60. Not bad right! We started with adding in the posts, screwing them into the wood supports making sure we had strong support. 
Once we had our posts in place, we measured up the holes for a consistent look and took the largest drill bit (about a 1" in diameter) and started drilling. Once our holes were complete we added in the eyelet hooks and strung the rope through. My husband, the trusty eagle scout he is knotted off the ends of the rope with a Figure 8 knot to ensure security! A slab of white paint finished off the posts and this project was a success!! 

I love the overall feel the rope railing brings to the cottage- a nice heavy texture from the rope adds contrast, interest and leaves the space feeling open and airy. 
I had my hand at subway tiling some of the backsplash a week ago. Can't wait to share some first time tiling tips for y'all! Happy Monday and if you have any questions, please comment below! Share, like and swoon! 


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