DIY Wardrobe Makeup- Before/After

When we first moved into our home a few years ago, this green wardrobe that was left behind. Great for us because in our small home there are no closets. It was emerald green and needed some attention. I love that it has a space for hanging shirts and also had the drawers for tees and smaller items. Though it doesn't fit all our clothes, it's great to organize and hold my husband's shirts. 
For our bedroom, I was inspired by the color tones gray and gold. Very elegant and romantic. So I knew I wanted our bedroom walls in a soft gray and the wardrobe in a creamy white color. Before we moved in, I painted it in Repurpose, in the color Muslin. I had left the original bland white knobs on it for the first year and half until earlier this spring, I started this wardrobe makeover and have been waiting to share with y'all the final reveal!
TA-DA!! Check it out! So much better right?! So much better than the emerald bland green color! 
I bought these gorgeous crystal and gold knobs from Hobby Lobby when they were on sale. Once I had put those on, I felt it was still missing something to put it over the top! 
I bought the small single drawer wood decals from Hobby Lobby and the larger wood decals from Lowes. I used wood glue and clamped them on in the spots where I had wanted them. I figured it would add some depth to the drawers and add some of that "french country" feel I was looking for.

Once the wood decals were dry and were ready to be painted, I brushed over them with the paint so it looked like it was original. I then took a small q-tip and took some dark wood stain and brushed it over the cracks of the wood decal. I then rubbed off the extra stain but just lightly enough that the stain still remained in the cracks of the decal. This made the detailing in the decal pop and look more worn/original! 
It feels so good to finally have this piece finished and pretty! It matches the rest of the room now and isn't a eye sore! So what's your favorite part of the wardrobe makeover?! Let me know below! 

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