DIY Waterfall- The Start

I've dreamt of some kind of water feature on the corner of the house for years. The sound of trickling water is so calming and with our bedroom porch just above this corner, I thought it'd be perfect match. We have a small fountain up in the courtyard that I added last summer that we all love so much. We have a weeping cherry tree that anchors this corner of the house and we have a larger part of the stone foundation showing that I thought I could make a DIY European-inspired fountain (to come) to mask some of this foundation for interest...

I've never built a water feature like this waterfall before but from the tutorials I've seen online, the job doesn't look too complicated. I wanted a little to no water waterfall since we have wandering ducks that could find this spot to be their next bath tub. I'm thinking of only making subtle 1" pools that gradually make their way downward.

The Inspiration: 


I have a pond liner and pump being delivered this week so I'm excited to work on this project more this Easter weekend. Taylor and I were able to dig up some mossy stones and stumps to add as a layered starting foundation. I dug out the different leveled pools I was thinking and plopped the rocks around the pools to look as natural as they can. Just to visualize how the water would run down, I dug out the hose and filled it up- it's going to be magical! 

The sounds just from the mud and stones were louder than I had thought they would be and I think once the liner and finishing rocks are laid- it's going to be the perfect noise to hear from our bedroom porch! I'm also so excited for this sound to be mixed with the birds chirping during the sunrise. Jules has been keeping me company during this progress and he loves to be outside!

I'll keep you updated and share the progress of the next steps we take. If you have anything in particular that you want to see- drop the question or comment below so I can include it in the next blog post! And as always, stop by my instagram to see the progress story highlights in real time! 

Hugs, Alyssa

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