Dry Brushed Wall Transformation

This past weekend I tried my hand at dry brushing! In the spare bedroom at the flat there was a green/gray color on the walls from prior before. View the before photos here. I knew I wanted shades of blues/teals in the room to correspond with the amazing blue velvet headboard I snatched at a local thrift store. I also wanted an accent wall to cover the wall where the bed would rest. I chose a blue/teal color for the accent wall and a pure white to cover all the other walls.
After the painting was finished, I loved the accent wall but it felt way too bold for the feel I was wanting! I was inspired by Arhaus's textured wall look that covered their latest catalog. You can see the look here. So this past weekend I took a stab at dry brushing the accent wall. . . here's the before. . .
Just a tad too bold. For those who don't know what dry brushing is, it's a technique that consist of taking a paint brush, adding very little paint to the ends of the brush and taking large brush strokes to apply the paint very thinly. The key is to have very minimum paint on the end of the brush and to keep taking large stocks to thin the paint over the wall. I loved the start of this project.
I loved the textured worn look it gave me. The look I was so anticipating. The dry brushing toned down the bold wall and gave the wall loads of texture and uniqueness. 
To finish off the wall, I may still add in tones of gold in the dry brushing technique. I haven't made up my mind! I do love the outcome though! What do you think?! Think you'll try the dry brushed wall look? Let me know what you think below! I can't wait to finish off this room and flat project! 
Hugs, Alyssa


  • Sissy

    Can you start with light color wall and dry brush dark color on? Does it matter which way u do it. Please respond asap I love this look, your wall was awesome!!!!!

  • Jed Coons

    I like it. Looks great. I’m actually doing my living room wall the same way. So far yours looks way better. Lol. Work in progress…

  • Marija

    So, If I understod well, you painted a wall and then you just take a dry brush and did the texture. Do I have to wait color to dry a bit before brushing?

  • Amanda

    Which way did you hold your brush? And did you start at the top and go all the way down or stop in between? I’m worried I’ll be able to see my start and stop points, if that makes sense.

  • Kathy's

    I loved what you did so i did my bathroom, it turned
    Everyone who sees it thinks i have mad skills lol
    Thank you so much

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