Eleanor The Camper:: A Vintage Camper Restoration

About six short weeks ago I posted on IG that we welcomed a little vintage camper into our lives. We found this little one on Craigslist and it had been completely gutted. What drew us to this small camper was it's size. It was light enough for us to pull it with our cars. The perfect camper to take on hunting trips, small vacations and be the coziest little home. So we bought it and trudged it three hours home to the shop.
We had no idea what kind of camper it was. There was thought that it could be a Serro Scotty but the body frame just wasn't adding up. It wasn't until hours of pondering that we pieced together the Road Runner paint art on the side of the camper that it could actually be a early Road Runner- ta da! After much conclusion, we THINK we had a early 60's vintage Road Runner.. how cool huh?!
Eleanor was the name we both came up with and it stuck! She had so much character about her even though she didn't hold much to begin. Here's some snap shots I took of her before the guys started to rip into her.
Kinda scary right?! This is how we received poor Eleanor. Even though she was completely gutted, it was kind of refreshing.. we could completely rebuild her the way we wanted.
So about two days into demo, my sweet husband sends me a photo of no trailer, no camper, no walls. They had completely taken her down to the frame and were building up from the bottom. When they took the siding off for renovation, she was very rotten and no that dependable so they had no choice in tearing her completely down. About a week later, she had all new sides and flooring to work off of.


I knew I wanted a rustic-timeless look for our newly rebuilt trailer. I envisioned black and white tiled flooring, subway tiles, a warm rustic leather... complete with greens of the outdoors.
We're about 5 weeks into the renovation and about 2-3 days away from our estimated finish time. We chose a warm, light birch wood to wrap the entire inside, white cabinets and faux marble accents.. because you can never have too much marble right?! This past Friday they began insulating and screwing the sides back on for prep of painting. I'm so tickled and excited to see how she will turn out! I love everything about this small camper already!
I'll be sure to update you guys on the finished project! Eleanor is already becoming our favorite little camper.
Hugs, Alyssa

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