Electrical Progress- Farmhouse Update

Guys! We have electric! Well… kinda. For the last month, our electrician has been working periodically on the house and we’re getting so close to the finish line! By the end of January, we should have all the electrical work done at the farmhouse. Woah.

It’s been a slow progress over at the new house and it’s crazy to think that’s already been almost a year since we announced we were moving over to the family farm. All our expenses have been “out of pocket”, so no home loans, messy bank situations, etc.. We decided that the house would not “set us back”, nor be a project that takes us away from our savings and investment goals… that’s a whole blog within itself though. The great news is that there’s progress and though it may not look like much, it’s a whole lot of something!


I picked up these gorgeous black lanterns to hang above our island in the kitchen. I hung them temporality just for the blog and to test the distance between the two. I’m. In. Love. I truly believe they’ll be the perfect simplistic touch to our kitchen. I haven’t shared our plans for this area yet but we wanted a mix between clean lines and a colonial homestead. When I think of those two mixed I think of warm, rustic touches- crossed with a sleek marble top and finished, refined lines. Ohhhh. I like it a lot.

There’s wire everywhere in the house and our poor electrician sure had his work cut out for him. Who knew plotting where we would want light could be such hard choices?!

We picked up this large slab of live-edge wood to be our bar top that runs across a section of windows in the kitchen. The section of windows dip further down below counter height so we had to be creative with this area. I thought a bar area would be purposeful and a way to utilize every inch of the kitchen- without over cluttering. What I also love is that this bar top will add to the warmth and texture of the kitchen.

I’ll be sharing our entire plan for the kitchen area soon but I did want to share our electrical progress! It’s so exciting to see things come along… even if it is a slow progress.

Hugs, Alyssa

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