European-Inspired Planted Urns

These gorgeous cast iron urns from our shoppe made there way to our back deck this season and I couldn't have been more excited. Last season, I had used a hodge podge of white containers in a cluster that I planted with pink and white hues. While they filled out beautifully, I felt like I needed something that was larger and more substantial under our black lights. 

For winter interest, I started by adding these "Green Mountain" boxwood topiaries. I wanted to add some variety of boxwood and when I ran across these topiaries, they were the perfect addition as they allow me to plant underneath them and felt European.

When I was walking through the greenhouse, I was taken back by these ruffly black petunias called, "Midnight Gold". They feature double petals and a gold hem. These petunias sparkled my imagination and created this monochromatic look. Under the topiaries, I planted Proven Winners "Snowstorm Giant Snowflake" bacopa, "Starblast Snowdrift" euphorbia, and "Sweet Caroline Sweetheart Jet Black" potato vine".

In the smaller urn, I planted another "Midnight Gold" petunia, vinca vine, Poven Winners "Snow Princess" alyssum and "Supertunia Mini Vista White". The alyssum and supertunia are surely starting to fill in and take over the urn. In hindsight, I think I would have moved the Midnight Gold" petunia to the front of the urn as it's getting lost behind the two vigerous Proven Winners annuals but their little heads are mixing into the bunch slowly.

I love how dainty the blooms are on the alyssum and the whites contrast beautifully with the deep black colors of the petunias and potato vine! The vinca vine bloomed (which I never saw before) and I've already had to trim it up as it ticked the deck already.


 I've been fertilizing the urns about once a week and they seem to be loving the feeding. I add Espoma's Bloom! organic fertilizer into my watering can. Last year I never fed any of my annuals (beginners mistake) and they began to fizzle and not perform.

A few weeks ago I hooked these containers up on drip so I didn't have to worry about watering them by hand everyday. BEST decision ever! And I think the urns are thriving more considering they're getting water consistently!

I love how these monochromatic urns turned out and I'm super excited to see how they will look at the end of the season! If you're looking for more container mixes, check them out here!

Hugs, Alyssa

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