Fall Farmhouse Tablescape + My Design Awakening

I’m a giddy little school girl excited to share this project with you guys. I’ve been dreaming for the past few months about this tablescape and to see it finally evolve in front of my camera sets my heart on fire. I partially titled this blog post “My Design Awakening….” for some self-recognition that I’ve learned about myself through this project, which I’ll share later in the blog.

Like I mentioned, I’ve been wanting to do this fall tablescape for a few months now as a way to explore and let my creative mind wonder in new ways. As most of you guys know, I’m a wedding photographer and I love all things romantic and dreamy. Putting design and my love for creating yummy atmospheres, this entire shoot was a dream come true.

For this creative shoot, I wanted a location that complimented the natural elements I was utilizing in the table setup. As the leaves began to change and fall, this tree in front of the chicken coop began to catch my eye. OH. MY. The perfect setting for what I was envisioning. Magic began…

Illuminating in bright orange, this setting came alive. I wanted the table setting to feel comfortable, elegant and natural. Accenting with gorgeous orange glasses I picked up at a local thrift store, the table elements played so well off of the fall foliage that hung above.

Most of the candle sticks and accents were from World Market and I think they added the esthetic feel of the entire setting. My blue/gray ironstone plates added an extra layer of detail and design.

My favorite part of this entire look comes from another of my thrift store finds. Just two days before this shoot took place, I stumbled across an entire box of vintage silver silverware. BUT what made my heart the fullest was when I looked closer at one of the sets, there was a gorgeous scrolled ‘E’ on the tip of the pieces. With the last name of “Eliot”, I felt it was fate that this entire set belonged in this shoot and my collection. It’s one of my most treasured collections now.

I also titled this blog post, “My Design Awakening” because of this. I enjoy design. What I realized while putting this shoot together is that I crave to design. Whether that be gorgeous tablescapes like so, digital design or interior design… I love it all.

I love creating beautiful content like this blog post. I’m not sure where this will lead me but recognizing what sets my heart on fire is just the start of something beautiful.

I challenge you to set intentional time apart to create and let your imagination wonder this season. With the hustle and bustle of everything around the corner, I truly believe that we have to be intentional on where we’re spending our time and most importantly… that it’s life giving. This shoot was exactly that for my soul.

I hope you were inspired from this creative shoot as much as I was. I love creating and designing spaces like this. This is just the beginning and I’m so thrilled to share it all with you guys.

Hugs, Alyssa


  • Lizzie

    This is just SO scrumptious!!!! I love every single detail! You are so, so talented and creative! xoxo

  • Marcia Lantow

    This setting and all of the decor are SO stunning! Seriously, very dreamy! Well done Alyssa!! 😍💖

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