France- Day 2 (A walk through Versailles)

Are you ready for another day in France? Day two lead us to visiting the amazing and incredible Palace of Versailles. This was a MUST on my trip to France as I find so much fascination with this palace and story. If you've never heard of it- let me give you some background.

Louis the 14th of France (aka: "Louis the Great") saw light in a small hunting chateau that was built by his father. The lodge was settled just 20 minutes outside of Paris. In the later years of the 1600's, Louis took the hunting chateau and turned it into extravagance. We're talking grand beyond words, gilded gold details, and gardens you can only dream of. A true empire and palace.

We took an uber ride to the gates (having bought tickets ahead of time- highly recommended) and began walking through the palace when they opened. I was speechless and awe-struck!

Now... let's begin our walkthrough Versailles. Get ready to be blown away.

What I was most looking forward to seeing was the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles. On the left, the walls are lined with beautiful mirrors and from the ceilings, beautiful chandeliers (that would have been candlelit back in the day) hang, guiding you through the hall. Exquisite paintings and gold trimmings top it all off.

 Is your breath taken away yet? Sensory overload for sure. The palace was incredible and marble slabs line almost every inch of the structure.

Once outside, we toured the gardens and they were just as astonishing! Grand fountains, structured and designed gardens... absolutely amazing! 

 The fountains weren't running but it was still amazing to see. We went on a Friday and they had music playing in the gardens which elevated the experience. We walked more of the grounds and made our way to The Estate of Trianon.

Though both palaces are incredible, we both enjoyed walking to the "farm" which is where Marie Antoinette's cottage home was. We took the paths winding through the trees and stumbled upon the most darling village. This part was almost our favorite because it felt like the countryside of France... it felt real and authentic. I loved all the stone cottages and the farm animals.

 The entire day was spent at Versailles. It was incredible and so memorable. Thanks for stopping by and walking through Versailles with us. Until next time! 
Hugs, Alyssa

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  • Shelley

    So wonderful and inspiring ❤️ Same with day one! Thanks for sharing and boosting my dream of visiting Paris one day soon!!

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