Gable Peaks + Finished Exterior Update

Time is moving at the speed of Douglas in the early morning; super fast and all over the place. It's been a couple weeks since the guys came and finished the exterior so it's due for an update! When planning out the added dormers, we (or more like I) wanted to add a touch of design to the gable peaks to add interest. Though they aren't stained yet, the new wood elements are installed in the peaks. 



Above is the backside of the house where someday we plan to have a porch coming off the living room. Though we liked the octagon windows, they were leaking water and ultimately didn't serve any light since the windows would be in the ceiling crawl space. 

Like I mentioned, we have yet to finish them with stain but I love the texture and interest they add. I think it'll be a perfect cohesive element to anything else we add in the future. 

Below is the most dramatic transformation from the start of the dormers and to todays progress...



Super crazy right?! I'm excited to see all the changes that will happen throughout the next couple years as we add porches and more exterior touches.

It warmed my heart the other evening when we were over at the house. I love the summer months for the relaxing evenings that I find to be so enchanted. Looming grass, birds chirping, bugs creaking, warm breezes, fire flies... the list goes on. As we were over there, the sun had just went down but there was such a stillness that it warmed my heart. It felt like home and I could see the future so clearly. I'm very excited to have this part of the house renovation done and I'm thrilled to begin on the next!

So, do you think the gable touches were a great add? I think so!

Hugs, Alyssa

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