Holiday Window Boxes + New Signage

A few weeks ago Katie from Old Slate Farm popped into our shoppe to breathe some new life into our window boxes. The boxes had been sitting empty since we tore our all our pumpkins and mums from fall. Katie added the perfect greens for this winter.

We also had our new signage with our new logo installed a few weeks ago. Earlier this autumn, we redid our logo to fit our European-Parisian aesthetic better. New window decals and an updated hanging sign were installed. I love how the front of the shoppe looks.

Boxwood, juniper and cypress span across the boxes. Each winter green adds a different texture and element that I love! After Katie worked her floristry magic, I add some of our large sugar pinecones for a visual break. I love how the pinecones contrast beautifully against the petite blue juniper berries. 

Whether you decorated your window boxes or planters this season or not, I hope you've been inspired. Mixing found pinecones with winter greens has to be the easiest and most beautiful combination for the winter months. 

Hugs, Alyssa 

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