Inside Dormers Completed- Before/After

About a month ago, the guys came and started to install the house dormers. I showed you guys the exterior of the dormers but I did want to share the upstairs interior because that's where the major change took place! It's crazy to see the transformation of the before and after just structurally inside. 

As I explained earlier, this upstairs on both sides of the house were never intended to be living space so, therefore, framing joists took over the space. We had it all opened up and now we're left with so much for square footage room. As you can also see below, we removed the small octagon windows and installed regular windows to help regulate air flow. 

The stairs that come up to the room hug the left side of the open room. We will put in stair railing when we complete the space. 

Now in the large dormer itself, we have two large windows that overlook the farm and driveway. I love all the natural light that pours in! I am thinking of adding some kind of pretty chandelier or light to hang in the middle of the peak. Thoughts?

Opposite of the new window that replaced the octagon window is a large wall perfect for displaying Taylor's hunting trophies. We plan to add in built-in bookshelves on each side of the large windows as well.


The 3D mockup of the right side dormer. 
Like I mentioned before, both spaces on each side of the house got opened up. This is the left side of the house which will be my office and potentially another bedroom. It's pretty crazy seeing my 3D design mockup come to life! 

The 3D mockup design of the left side dormer. We will add in stair railing when the space gets completed.

Thanks for following up on our house progress! 

Hugs, Alyssa

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