Installing The Live Edge Wood Bar

Things are moving along over the new farmhouse. Before we could have the drywall installed in the kitchen, there were some things we had to install. In the kitchen, there is a large bay of windows that spans almost the entire wall. This makes it so that no cupboards can reach over into this corner and with our 10' found island (centering the kitchen) we had to get clever with this space. 

Several years ago, we bought this 8-9' live edge wood slab from Keim Lumber in hopes of making it a bar top. I had the idea of installing the bar top across this window space so that we could watch outside and have a quick place to eat. The catcher: I wanted it floating- no support legs.

In order to make the bar top floating across the bay windows, we had to come up with a large, sturdy bracket system to tie into the framing (before drywall). Thankfully, Taylor's family has a strong engineer background. With the help of his dad, they built a steel frame to tie back into the 2x4 framing.

There's still some welding and final installation steps that need to happen but we threw the bar top on the new framing and WOW. Seeing a floating bar top across windows isn't something that's "everyday". I love that we'll be able to utilize this space in more than one way now!

The wood slab has so much character with its live edge that it will be the perfect rustic touch to this corner. Drywall has since been installed and the house is coming together nicely! If you want to see more looks at the house project, pop over here.

Hugs, Alyssa 


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