Jamison Taylor Eliot- Birth Story

Our second baby boy, Jamison Taylor Eliot, was born on February 20, 2023. I was due on February 28th and as the week progressed I had a feeling our sweet baby would be joining us sooner than later. Sunday morning the 19th, I started feeling lower back pain when I woke up and that's when I felt like things could progress more in the next day or two. I spent most of the day Sunday, cleaning up and "nesting".
During that night, I tossed and turned a bit but was able to sleep. At 4:30am my lower back pain began to increase and I felt mild contractions begin. I decided to then get up and take a hot shower to help sooth. I laid back down for a half hour but felt restless. I then decided to just get up out of bed and to start timing my contractions in the dark living room while the boys slept. They were about 8-10 minutes apart for about a minute long... but I could still breathe through them.
Around 6-6:30am, Taylor got out of bed and told me I needed to call our doctor to check in and see how she felt. After telling her I could still breathe through the contractions, she reassured me that I was in early labor and that I could stay home for a bit. Taylor was a bit uneasy as Julius' birth was a fast 4 hours and the thought of having a baby in the car- scared him more than anything.
I sent my mom a quick text telling her what was going on and asked her to come get Jules (as she usually watches him on Mondays). She got to our house around 7:30-8:00 and was very surprised to see Julius and I lounging on the couch as I'm sure she expected me to be in more "labor mode", haha! She took Jules and that's when my contractions started to deepen.
I paced around the house between contractions. I called the doctor back and spoke with the receptionist. During my phone call, another contraction began and in the midst of trying to talk, emotions began to run high. She told me that I should head in but told me it was okay to shower and "take my time". LOL! I got off the phone, jumped in the shower one last time as Taylor frantically began to pack the car with our bags. As I was stepping out, another contraction began and I yelled at Taylor to start the timer. This time, the contraction sent me right into crying pain. Emotions ran high as Taylor helped me into the car to head to the hospital. 
We arrived at the hospital around 10:00am and as we were walking in (roughly 40' from the entrance) another contraction stopped me dead in our tracks. Taylor, just trying frantically to get me through the doors so that I was in the care of the nurses, tried to get me to move which was absolutely not happening. We waddled to a room and I slipped into a gown for the nurse to check my dilation.
She was pleasantly surprised to find I had no cervix and I was dilated to 9cm. Woah. I remember her telling me while I was in and out of contraction dazing, "If we break your water, you will have a baby in your arms. Let me get ahold of the doctor!"
At 10:55am, our sweet baby was laid on my chest. A chunky, healthy baby BOY! Taylor and I were both so surprised as we thought we were having a girl (as almost everyone guessed it would be and that's what we began to believe). The best, best, best surprise and totally worth waiting to find out the gender until birth.
Jamison Taylor Eliot
We are over the moon to have two healthy baby boys. Julius is smitten with his little brother and requests to "hold" and "kiss" him on the regular. I truly can't wait to watch these boys grow up together. 


Hugs, Alyssa 

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