Jules' Nursery Reveal

Squirrels and bunnies dance on the walls, a soft weaved wool rug is beneath my feet and the most glorious afternoon sun fills the nursery. Jules' nursery is one of my favorite rooms in our farmhouseAs I mentioned in the nursery mood board blog (head there for more product links), I wanted a french cottage feel with subtle textures to make the room feel comfortable and quaint. 

When you first enter the nursery, you're greeted with one of our two chippy barn doors with crystal knobs. Jules' crib is positioned on the back wall with the creamy bunny/squirrel wallpaper from Anthropologie (quite perfect if you know our family). I recently hung our Held Scroll above the crib for a perfect reminder. 

I love that I can read the scroll from the glider which is to the right of the room. I reused an old gilded gold side table (that actually came as a set with our master bathroom vanity) for storage and extra table top space. A glass and gold lamp adds height and cozy evening light when feeding Jules. 

To one side of the window, we have a jackalope mount nestled inside an antique gold frame. The mount feels whimsical while adding a rustic touch to pair with the gold frame. To the right of the window, I have a set of four art pieces that my sister/brother-in-law gifted me several years ago. Each block is one of our most loved pets.

As you swivel around, I used an old side table for his changing table. A large gold mirror above the table offers balance to the wall (though is could be a touch bigger). His changing table holds extra diapers, burp clothes and care products.

To the left of the room is a wardrobe that came from our lakehouse. Initially I wanted a large, old wood wardrobe but this was readily available and does the job nicely. Since there is no closet in the room, this wardrobe is very much needed. I can stash books, clothes and extra necessities in there! On top of the wardrobe I have bigger clothes stashed in sizes in baskets. 

To the right of the wardrobe, I hung a thrifted shelf (that I may someday bleach) that holds some sentimental items. The first pair of knit booties I bought when we found out we were expecting sits on top of a stack of Beatrix Potter books. A ceramic bunny from his Oma and Opa sit next to a lavender sketch.

This nursery feels refreshing and calming. I love rocking Jules as he falls asleep in my arms. When the window is open, I can hear the chickens and ducks outside. I often reflect back to when this room was just bare studs and all I had were my dreams and aspirations. This boy and nursery are a dream come true.

Thanks for poppin' by! Hugs, Alyssa

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  • Katrina

    Love it – sooo dreamy and airy! I love how neutral everything is. Do you mind sharing where you bought the crib skirt too?

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