Jules Turns One

To my sweet, growing boy... you fill our lives with so much joy and love. 

Back at the end of April, our little Julius turned 1 year old and I most certainly had to document his birthday as it feels just like yesterday that I shared his birth story. This past year feels so incredibly long- yet so, so short; all gone in a blink of an eye just as everyone told us. 

Jules is so close to walking and loves to ride his scooter around the house. He has six little teethers and has the sweetest giggle. His personality is growing by the week. He mimics the muscovy ducks and loves to go after the kitties inside. 

We celebrated his birthday with a small cake and special dinner. He was gifted a red push scooter- which we made the mistake of giving to him before the cake. Therefore, we got tears when we tried smashing the cake after taking him off the scooter. How dare we take him from his bike for sugar, haha! Nonetheless, we celebrated in a small special way with family.

 There's no doubt this little boy brings so much joy to our lives everyday. Thanks for hanging around and watching him grow with us!

Hugs, Alyssa

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