Lakehouse Flower Beds- During

Our home is feeling more like a sanctuary these days. After many hours of hard work and sweat, our rock landscaping is about 80% finished. The landscaping was one thing we wanted to accomplish this spring while the days were cooler since we knew it'd be a tough, hot job. In this blog post, you can see the entire rock mound mess we dealt with before the pretty you see here. We dug through the dirt and gathered all the river rock and laid them nicely in our beds. It looks so much better and adds a nice texture against our home.

I planted a bunch of astilbe, hostas and ferns around the home since we live in a very shaded area. We hoped by laying this river rock, it would be easier to maintain year to year without having to lay mulch every season. There are still parts of the beds that need finished since we ran out of rock.

Next up: laying these large sandstones to create a fire pit that we started way back in February of 2018. Yikes. We will be laying them in an octagon shape and putting pebble rock in the middle for a nice gathering area! I'll be sharing more on this later! For now- time to enjoy our river rock flower beds!
Hugs, Alyssa


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