Lakehouse Renovation Progess:: Part II

Looking back at the progress we've made so far, the whole progress has been night and day! It's been awhile since I've shown updates here on the blog but if you've been following along on the instagram, you're more up to date! 
So since last time, we've got all our walls and trim painted. Below is our paneled living room that was so dark and gloomy. We splashed a light gray on them and added the white trim to liven' the place up.
Our kitchen is probably the biggest change. After painting both dinning room and kitchen with cream, it was go time on the cupboards that were outdated. We removed all the cupboard doors, added a thin strip of trim to update, painted the tops white (to keep the small area alive and bright) with the bottom with a gravel navy tone. We finished them off with copper accent knobs. We ran into a little bump in the road when the hinges I got offline weren't flush with the doors.. so thankfully my sweet man got to chisel away!
My favorite part of our tiny house is our kitchen and dining room ceiling. We added a stained wood top and added some recessed lighting to add some more light. We got a kit of 6 lights from Lowes and I ended up spray painting the white trim a copper to match our knobs. A total life changer. About a week ago, while prepping for the dining room ceiling, dad had noticed that the walls were not insulated. Oie. So we ended up tearing down the dining room wall to insulate... after everything had been painted and beautiful. I wasn't too thrilled but I knew that now was the time to do so and it would be for the best!
The bedroom got a splash of gray as well. My favorite decision was adding in the chandelier to our bedroom. Taylor wasn't a huge fan but I think it'll be a nice touch of glam when the room is all finished. After finding no insulation in the dining room, we figured the whole house wasn't insulated... so this week we're tearing into the bedroom and office walls to throw in insulation, total headache, but worth it in the end.
 Finally, the bathroom renovation has taken place. Earlier this week I started removing the mirror you see below. We took measurements for the wood that will be placed on the ceiling as well as halfway up the wall. We snagged a beadboard wallpaper from Lowes as well to cover up the vintage floral paper in there now. We will finish that off with a light green paint on top of the beadboard wallpaper. We're adding a sliding old door as the door to save room through the hall. 
Phew, what an update y'all. I hope you guys continue to stop by to see more progress! We're down to about two months till the wedding and we gotta keep truckin'! I think this will make the perfect little first home for my sweet fiance' and I. 
Thanks for stopping by. Much love to you, Alyssa

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