Lakehouse Renovation Progress:: Part III

My oh my!! Looking back at the progress of our first small home has been a chore! having these photos makes me extremely thankful of where we've come from though. I'm so far behind on this blog and if any of you guys have been keeping up with everything on my Instagram, then you know these are from way back when! Anyway, from the last time, this old hutch was left behind from the previous owners. I sanded off all the old wallpaper on the inside and now homes our canned foods and such. 
Our bathroom is another story. We originally went in thinking we could wallpaper over the older waller.. not. So wasting time doing that, we ended tearing it all down and adding beadboard panelling to cover the old. A fresh green color covered the walls and we boarded up the walls halfway. 
Our deck got a fresh coat of light brown and the house was pressured washed to release the ages of not being sprayed down! What a difference too!
Next blog I'll be revealing the final product of our home. Thank you guys for stopping by and reading!

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