Laying Our Pergo Laminate Flooring

Y'all! A few weeks have passed with no farmhouse update- yikes! There have been a few changes but we've been soaking up the garden and landscaping that not too much has happened... until this past weekend! We began installing our Pergo laminate flooring!

We picked up our flooring a couple of weeks ago and ended up storing the flooring in the warehouse until drywall was completed. This past weekend, we brought a skid home and started to lay the laminate flooring in the bedrooms. 

We have quite a bit of experience laying laminate flooring and our favorite brand has to be Pergo for its quality (durability and waterproof ability) and beauty. We opted to go with a wide plank style (7.5") which to me feels more "exquisite" to me. I love the replicated "hand-hewn" textured each of the boards has and the colors we picked out are ahhh-mazing!


This room eventually will be a nursery (someday) and I really wanted the room to feel airy and light since it has the one south facing window. We decided to go with the color "Crema Oak" which is a warm, white oak! This color (which I believe was formally named "San Marco Oak") is what we have in the front of our shoppe. With a creamy warm oak undertone and light gray/brown hues- this color was the winner!


For the master we opted for a deep, rustic hue and "Rustic Smoked Chestnut" was the winner. With the warm brown hues and dark wood marbling, this was the clear winner. I think this dark flooring will be the perfect contrast against light, creamy walls. *The photos below don't do this color much- looking a bit unsaturated. 


For 60% of the rest of the house, we both agreed on "Wheaton Oak"- my all time favorite floor color! This color is a balance between light/dark and its warm, smooth oak color... it has me drooling every time! This medium oak screams "European Farmhouse" while feeling rustic but refined. I can't wait to show you when we start installing these beauties! 

Well... there ya have it- our laminate flooring roundup for the main level of the farmhouse. Stop by again soon for another update! 




"Crema Oak"

"Rustic Smoked Chestnut"

"Wheaton Oak"



  • Cottonwood

    I just wanted different looks for each of the rooms! :)

  • Cottonwood

    I feel like they are the same! The San Marco Oak we used in my shoppe and then they swapped it out for the Crema Oak. They’re pretty similar, if not the same!

  • Jennifer

    Do you happen to know for sure that Crema Oak is the same as San Marco oak? I ask because we have San Marco and are desperate for 3 more boxes but it was discontinued years ago.
    Your flooring is gorgeous btw!!!

  • Mary Anne Jones

    Is there a reason you went with different colors in different parts of the house? We went with same color hardwood throughout our when we built last year, except where we have tile in the bathrooms and a brick looking tile in the laundry room. It’s all pretty what you’ve chosen.

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