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I've shared bits and pieces of our design plans over at the new farmhouse on social media but wanted to spill the beans here too. Throughout past blogs, I shared a tad bit of our European farmhouse inspiration but I thought I would break it down room by room with some of the elements we plan to use in each space. With that, I thought I'd share the largest room first and that's the living room (which is being split with the dining room). 
My husband would be perfectly content with moving into an all wooded cabin while I like very clean and airy spaces. Mixing the two, we settled on a "European farmhouse" style (though he wouldn't call it that, haha). Think warm textured woods, rustic and worn pieces while keeping it still very light natured and open.

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Earlier this year, I started to mockup the house and its different rooms. This was great because I was able to show my husband what I was envisioning for each of the spaces. Like I mentioned above, this large open space is being split with the dining room... so just beyond the couch is where the dining room table will be.

As you can see to the left of the room, the bedrooms branch off and to the right is the spare bathroom and kitchen. Since the room peaks in the middle, to add texture to the wall (unlike what you're seeing here), I would like to install vertical shiplap. I feel this will expand the room vertically and add a subtle touch of texture. With Taylor being a big hunter, we plan to hang some of his taxidermy on the walls in a pleasing manner. The taxidermy will also add to the "European farmhouse" style we're looking for.



This is roughly what we have going on today. Drywall and insulation have not yet been installed and will not be done until later this year. I'm very excited though because slowly, the elements and design pieces are arriving. We have our doors for the bedrooms which I shared here and tomorrow our living room chandelier arrives. I think this light will be the perfect mixture of old and new. 

Things are coming together slowly. Soon I will share another room and our design plans. Keep an eye out for more updates over on my Instagram. I love sharing this progress with all you guys.

Hugs, Alyssa

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