Marble Fireplace- In The Shoppe

A few weeks ago we installed this stunning old marble fireplace face that I snagged from Marshall's Antique Warehouse in Canton, Ohio. I've been dreaming of adding a marble fireplace to this front wall since I've been planning our holiday displays. The wall is a faux concrete finish that I DIY'd here and mixes so beautifully with the refined marble. I thought the addition of this fireplace would add to the French, European farmhouse style I admire so much. 

HOW-TO: We attached all the fireplace pieces together using a 2x4 frame which I adhered with a cement glue that is made for marble and wood. When the face was all together, we anchored a 2x4 to the wall and then screwed the framing of the marble fireplace to the anchored wall piece. With some jimmy-riggin' and trial/errors- we finally had everything together. 

With the fireplace all installed, I dreamt of a super long mini custom scroll that draped from the ceiling to the floor. I designed up this 10'+ custom scroll with the entire song of "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" and it's stunning all finished. 
We decided to take off all the leaves of our tree branches (that we had for our fall displays), of course leaving the acorns on the branches. I flocked the branches with "Santa Snow" that I grabbed from Walmart (I don't recommend flocking branches inside the home either, haha). The flocked bare branches add a touch of natural whimsy and make it feel like we're in a winter wonderland. I topped off this display with a crystal chandelier that I had bought for our new house and installed it to hang directly in the center of the bare branches. WOW!

I kept the mantel very simple with white candles, our Mercury Glass Candleholder and some gold Christmas ornaments. I love the simple, yet striking vignette this created. What do you think of the new fireplace? Stunning, right?!
Hugs, Alyssa

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    Love it! We have several slabs of marble that look like that! I want to use them in a bathroom and have enough for sale too. I’d have loved to have found this mantle to use! Great find and application!

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