Master Bathroom Mirror Situation

Guys, I'm super stuck and I need your help! One of the next steps in the new house is installing the electric and along with that chore is figuring the placement of all the lights and outlet boxes. Exciting right? We have it all figured out down to the master bathroom and that's where it gets hard. 

For our master bath I really wanted to utilize my collection of old, gold mirrors that somehow continues to grow monthly. As you guys have seen in the Instagram stories, we found this beautiful old dresser that we will be converting into the vanity. I will be repainting the vanity/dresser but haven't yet decided on the right color! 

So before we dive into the four options, I wanted to share the design inspiration for the bathroom space. We want to keep it very neutral with touches of rustic and worn features. This is where the collection of gold mirrors comes into play.


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A couple things you should know before making your decision! For above the two sinks, I found these gorgeous swing arm lights that will be placed above the mirrors. Also, there will most likely be gold wall mounted faucets above each of the sinks too. So let's roll in the options!

Option 1

A simple large statement piece. This frame came from my sister-in-law and with her acceptance we could easily turn it into a large mirror. Though I love the look of it, I feel it may not be "risky" enough. However, it may be the simple, refined look we're after.

Option 2

I have to give a huge hug and shout out to Robin of Cosmic Girl Goes for supplying these gorgeous two old mirrors. The one of the left is from the early 1900's and they're both absolutely stunning. So for this option, since they're both the same height, I was thinking about hanging them both above each of the sinks. Though they're different styles, their same size and style is what unites them.

Option 3

This may be my favorite look honestly. So what I'm thinking here is to have a small wood floating shelf for these three mirrors to "sit" on. This will allow a break visually from the faucets to the mirrors. We can additionally sit a small flower vase next to the mirrors. What I love about this route is it feels collective and different. However, this as my husbands least favorite option... of course, haha!

Option 4

Same concept as option 3 but a little more of a statement. What I love about this is it stretches more width but is about the same height as option 3. I still like the idea of adding a small floating shelf on this too, where it looks like they're resting rather than floating on the wall.

So there's all 4 options and I can see the beauty in them all! That's where I need your help! What was your favorite option and why??? Let me know what you think below. The choice is hard right?!

Thanks for weighing in. I do read all the comments and trust me, I need more opinions!

Hugs, Alyssa


  • TARA

    FOR SURE #4!

  • Carol Viltro

    I love them all but prefer option 4! It’s unexpected and love the way it fits and shows different levels! Instead of looking identical on both sides! The different levels breaks up the square sinks.. like I say I love all 4 but definitely prefer the 4th option!

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