Meet Piper

I thought I would introduce our newest addition to our home... meet Piper. She's a sweet, sweet lion head bun that came into our family a few weeks ago. For those who closely know me, know I love bunnies oh, so much. It's a no brainer that we have an assortment of pets here at home so when my sweet friend said she needed a home for her Goldie, aka Piper, we welcomed her in with open hearts.

Isn't she a doll?! She is so loved and she has the softest fur. Though we don't have any buns as pets outside anymore, we do have Wanda who freely roams around the yard. I found that I'm very much allergic to rabbit fur unfortunately. Though I love buns so much, I can't cuddle them as I would love to.

Piper is so great because she freely roams from our house to our screened in porch. She does her own thing and seems happy. Peaches (our cat) enjoys the company of someone else and doesn't bother her too much. Peaches throws some soft punches every now and then but Piper sure knows how to defend herself. 

Aren't you so happy to meet Piper! She's the sweetest and I'm so thankful my friend entrusted us with their love bun. Oh, and it seems that Piper enjoys nibblin' on my blanket basket. Well at least she's happy I suppose. I guess I can always turn the basket around, haha. 

Hugs, Alyssa

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