Must-Stop Places To Visit In Amish Country, Ohio

I absolutely adore where we live in and around Amish Country, Ohio. What makes it so much better though, is this time of year when the leaves turn shades of autumn, the local markets fill with brightly colored gourds and pumpkins and the warm soups never taste better. I thought I would round up a couple of my “must-stop” places to visit when coming to Amish Country, Ohio.

Rebecca’s Bistro

Looking for the cutest, quaint atmosphere with tummy-yummin’ food?! Rebecca’s Bistro is the place to go for breakfast or lunch. Located in Walnut Creek, this local favorite never gets old and hits the spot every time. Be prepared to wait in line for a seat because it’s THAT good my friends. My favorite lunch is the grilled cheese with Rebecca’s famous tomato soup. I promise you won’t be sorry.

Hillcrest Orchard

Every fall, Hillcrest Orchard is the place to go for the best apple cider, fall views and crisp apples. The orchard is located a few blocks down from Rebecca’s Bistro. Every year I try to snag a bushel of apples to make homemade apple sauce that last us all year ‘round.

Troyer’s Trail Bologna

Nestled in the small town of Trail amongst the hilly country side, you’ll find this old grocery. I have to admit, this was my first time I had stopped in BUT I am so happy I did. You’re welcomed by this gorgeous old door that has the most charming character and inside, you’re taken back to the “good ole’ days”. Troyer’s Trail Bologna is worldly known and it all started here. I was fascinated by the old artwork on the walls, original checkout register and the warm smiles of the workers. Be sure to get a ring of trail bologna and some swiss cheese cubes!

Downtown Millersburg

The Historic Downtown Millersburg is booming with new life. Almost every store front is filled with local artisans with a passion for the downtown. Just west on SR 39 of the poplar Berlin, you’ll find this charming old town. Walk the streets to visit Farmhouse Frocks, Modern Farmhouse, Starlight Antiques, The Jenny Wren, Millersburg Brewery, Olde World Cafe, and so much more.

The Backroads Of Amish Country

Though this isn’t a “direct stop”… you can never go wrong with turning onto any backroad and just cruise around. You’ll see scenery of the Amish prepping their fields, cows in the pasture and beautiful, bright orange leaves. October is truly the time of year to come see the countryside.

I hope you loved this small tour of my favorite places to stop around Amish Country, Ohio. If you’re looking for more favorites, head over to the Farmhouse Frocks blog so see their favorite places to visit.


Hugs, Alyssa

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