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Our vacation rental in downtown Millersburg received a new sink and faucet that was the perfect addition and upgrade to the kitchen. When we renovated this space several years back, we left as much original utilities that we could to save money. Several weeks back, we had a new faucet and kitchen sink installed because it was long overdue. The stink of age and cosmetic wear did nothing to improve  
I love how beautiful and affordable these new features are as they feel well rewarded. 

I decided to go with this chrome faucet from Kingston Brass to elevate the old world feel that I desired. I love the sleek curves and high bridged spout. Kingston Brass has other handle options but I opted for the white handles to tie into the white appliances and again- felt very old world.

I added our French soap beside the sink and tied in some of the new wood vases.

Let's talk about this amazing one bay farmhouse sink. I almost kept with a stainless steel sink to keep costs down but after pondering, decided to go with this affordable white acrylic sink. After all- if we were replacing the whole set up- I would rather finish it out to my liking so we don't have to later.
I love the extra ribbed edges that run along the whole sink as it feels very intentional and vintage. 

When the sink came in the mail, I couldn't believe their was a kitchen sink in the box- it was light as a feather. Being acrylic, it weighed next to nothing and am hoping it will hold up to it's great reviews. With the sink in our vacation rental, it won't be seeing as much wear/use as a typical household. I may have to pop in here with a review in a few months.
I was so amazed with how everything came together. I love how it changed and elevated the kitchen space. Eventually, I imagine this space completely different than it is now but it's all headed in the right direction.

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