Non-Toxic, Homemade Laundry Detergent

I've been using Young Living for the last year and while oil use had been minimal (up until our pregnancy)- the laundry detergent has been a constant. I made the switch to non-toxic after reading about the ingredients that are in laundry detergents. Seriously, look it up- you too, may just be astonished and disturbed.

After we found out we were expecting with our little man, I really began to think about how I wanted our homestead. Making the switch to a non-toxic home was necessary in creating a clean and healthy atmosphere.

What I love about the Thieves laundry detergent from Young Living is just how concentrated the soap is. You're able to use it just as it is (doesn't take much) or you can split it into three containers to get more bang for your buck (which is what we do). With one bottle of the laundry soap- you can get up to 64 loads BUT with splitting it up- you now have close to 200 loads (that's almost .16 a load, woah). I also love that splitting the jug of detergent allows me to use different oils in each pump container for different purposes and smells.

To begin, I split the Thieves Laundry Soap into 3- 32 oz. pump bottles. I add 2 cap fulls of the Thieves Household Cleaner to each bottle and add about 10-20 drops of each desired oil. I love to use different combinations of Lavender (calming and fresh), Purification (clean and boosting), Lemon (fresh and uplifting) or Stress Away (calming and refreshing)! 

Once you have your laundry soap, cleaner and oils in your bottles- I fill the rest with water and give it a good shake. Now you have three times as much laundry soap for the price of one soap bottle! With a HE washer, I squirt 3-5 pumps of the laundry soap into the dispenser for each cycle. 

Switching to essential oils and their non-toxic products has been a slow change but I'm very thankful for the process. I feel better knowing we're not wearing chemicals on our bodies AND our clothes still smell great.

Are there small healthy changes you're making to your home? If you want more information on becoming apart of my YL team, reach out! When becoming a member, you'll receive 24% off retail pricing and be joined into a great, healthy oil group. I would love to help you switch your home to non-toxic, too. 

Hugs, Alyssa

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  • Angie

    Does it really clean well? My husband is a plumber and firefighter, one of my sons works on a horse farm, my girls work at Chick fil a, and I have a mini farm.., we get dirty and stink:)

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